The Hills Season 6 Premiere

the hills

The Hills Season 6 Premiere – Last night MTV premiered season 6 of their hit reality show The Hills.
The installment mainly focused on Heidi Montag’s big revelation. The cameras followed the real size Barbie doll to Colorado where she unveiled her new face,body,boobs and nose to her family.
As one can predict things went terribly wrong and the awkward conversation went something like this.

“Of course I thought you were more beautiful before,” her mom said. “I thought you were younger, I thought you were fresher looking, I thought you were healthier. What’s done is done.”
Later on the family is eating dinner at a restaurant, which proves difficult for Heidi.
“How’s that burger?” her sister Holly asked.
“I can’t really chew it,” Heidi said, struggling with a mouthful of meat.

Now let us leave Speidi and concentrate on Miami for the Super Bowl weekend where Kristin turned into a b*tch after Audrina was talking to Brody.Things went from bad to worst when the other divas accused
Kristin of partying too much,not eating and being a drug addict.

So what did you think of the premiere?
How do you like/hate Heidi’s new face?
Do you agree that Kristin’s legs are really skinny?

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