The Hills Finale:The Hills Fake

The Hills Finale:The Hills Fake – Lauren Conrad will be making her return to “The Hills” when she joins all of her former cast mates for the live after show that will be airing on July 13, after the ending of the series finale. Conrad was on the show for five seasons, and was the centerpiece of the fake reality show.“The Hills” often followed Conrad as she tried to figure out love and life in Los Angeles. Lo Bosworth says that she is excited to see her, and believes that she has a right to come back for the after show.
“I’m really excited. I am of the belief that it is Lauren Conrad’s show [and] that she deserves to go out with all the glory, so I’m really excited that she’s coming back,” Bosworth said.

She continued by saying that he was pleased with the way that the final season had turned out. Fans will have a hard time seeing it go, but “The Hills” certainly had a good run. Bosworth also said that she thought that it ended in a way that was both “magnificent” and “spectacular,” and also that she would likely shed a tear as she watches the finale.
So what will life be like without “The Hills?” That’s the question that many fans are asking in response to the series finale.
Kristin Cavallari had this to say about The Hills being fake :
“Nothing you see on TV is real.” “Fans need to understand it’s all entertainment. It’s all in fun. I would never put my close friends or a real relationship on a show.”

What are your thoughts on The Hills Finale?

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