The Hills Cancelled:MTV Airing Final Season April 2010

The Hills Cancelled:MTV Airing Final Season April 2010 – Hugely popular “The Hills” television series will finally reach the end of its run. The series was hugely popular in past seasons, but had been the focus of quite a bit of controversy in recent years. It was not immediately clear why the show was cancelled before its final season even aired, but many speculated that a number of different factors may have lead to the show being cancelled. First of all, the show had seen a decline in ratings steadily over the course of the last few seasons.

There were also a number of different problems that had been reported on the set between some of the actors who appeared in the television show. Heidi Montag, the break out star from the show has been reported to have already been talking with other studios and companies about what kind of opportunities may be available for her after she leaves the hugely popular television show. Experts have speculated that because of her limited acting ability she may not have all that many options once The Hills comes to its storied end.
Montag has already been in talks with a number of different television studios about what kind of show she could produce next. It has been rumored that she will be looking into creating her own 3D movie, reportedly about her own breasts. This is a move that was not seen by many experts in Hollywood, and is regarded by some as a joke. It was not immediately clear what she planned to do after the show came to its end, but if anything is for sure its that she has at least been in talks to figure that out.

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