The Good Wife Season 1 Episode 20:Watch Mock Online S01E20

The Good Wife Episode 20

The Good Wife Season 1 Episode 20:Watch Mock Online S01E20 – The Good Wife episode 20 “Mock” which was directed by Rod Holcomb and written by Todd Ellis Kessler aired last night on CBS. The Good Wife is always a mix of drama and tension, and this week was going to be everything and more than that. The Florrick household is now up for grabs for any babysitters that want some action. Now that Jackie is gone (thank god) it leaves the door wide open, especially now that Peter and Grace are not looking like they are interested.

Of course, Grace is always causing a stir and it’s with the local sheriffs this time. She thinks quickly when they turn up at the door, allowing Zach to get his skates on (literally) and get out as soon as possible. This is The Good Wife though, so things are not that simple and Zach stumbles, knocking into the monitoring device and manages to hurt his arm.

Elspeth Mann is not a character that is seen much anymore, but in this episode,she makes a bold but brief appearance. She comes across as if she is Eli Gold’s partner which of course is not true. Gold being Gold manages to swing a simple alarm check up into a faulty installation, trying to reap every cent possible.

Alicia manages to get off slightly early, she sees something that maybe she should not have. She sees Anil being quizzed by his Mum. Of course, Peter’s recent release from prison is on a lot of people’s minds, so they want to ensure that nothing dodgy is going on. Of course, any regular viewer will know that there is something that is not quite right!

Something that is extremely dominant in this episode is the fact that Will loves the power that he has. He is at the mock trial of Hansel and Gretel and loved every minute of it.

Like every episode, there are plenty of surprises, setting up the next episode to be something spectacular.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on The Good Wife episode 20.

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