The Good Guys Episode 11: Watch Common Enemies Online S01E11

The Good Guys Episode 11: Watch Common Enemies Online S01E11 – The Good Guys episode 11 called “Common Enemies” which was directed by Peter Lauer and written by (Story) Matt Nix and (Teleplay) Adam Barr aired last night on FOX.

“The Good Guys” is a new comedy that has received great marks from critics. It can be very hard for a new comedy show to break into the crowded genre, but when one finds a following it can quickly rise in popularity. “The Good Guys” premiered in May, and is an abstract comedy that at times can be a little hard to follow. The series focuses on two Dallas detectives. There is Dan Stark who is portrayed by Bradley Whitford, who is a former member of the Dallas PD, and was a nationally known cop who had worldwide popularity after he saved the Governor’s son.

He has teamed up with Jack Bailey, who is played by Colin hanks who also worked as a cop. In the early episodes the chemistry between the two actors was not as good as it could have been. Some of the scenes seemed awkward as they tried to figure their characters out. Luckily their chemistry has grown as the series went on, and the two of them seem very comfortable with one another now.

This week we got to watch Jack and Dan help an arrogant forensic specialist during the investigation of a burglary; Liz got in trouble during a prostitution sting.

The show is innovative but is understandably not for everyone. The off brand humor can bit a bit dark at times and is not in line with the other shows that have found success in the genre in recent years.

The newest episodes have been among the best in the series, which have improved its chances of being renewed. They have also done an excellent job of adding the perfect guest stars to the show. Each episode features at least one prominent guest star.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on The Good Guys season 1 episode 11.

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