The Glades TV Show:Watch The Glades Episode 1 Breach Online S01E01

The Glades TV Show:Watch The Glades Episode 1 Breach Online S01E01 – Last night A&E’s newest drama called “The Glades” starring Matt Passmore and executive produced by Florida native Clifton Campbell premiered. The police procedural focuses on Jim Longworth (played by Matt Passmore, ) who is an annoying yet attractive homicide detective from Chicago wrongfully punished and exiled to Florida for having sex with his former Captain’s wife.

Longworth who was thrilled to relocate to a boring and quiet town called Palm Glade, in Florida, discovers that the little place is very strange with countless bizarre crimes taking place on a daily basis.
Other cast members include Carlos Gomez who plays Carlos, who does nothing more than translate things Longworth says into Spanish for the Latinos who work on the golf course.
Kiele Sanchez also makes an appearance as Callie, a sexy nurse that Longworth has the hearts for.

Here is the premise of the first episode:

In the pilot episode, the easy life quickly falls by the wayside when a decapitated, unidentifiable woman is found in a creek, begrudgingly dragging Longworth off the golf course in pursuit of her killer. Complicating matters more is his relationship with Callie, a hot and savvy nurse he has a crush on. With a Titleist sitting on the fourteenth fairway waiting for him to break eighty for the first time in his life, Longworth needles, cajoles, and harangues everyone in his path, including his golf partner and department medical examiner Carlos (Gómez), as he puzzles out the facts surrounding the mysterious killing to try and identify the victim and bring her killer to justice.

Overall it was a very weak episode where Matt Passmore who is not a brilliant actor appears passive most of the time-he seems to be waiting for the action to occur but it never does.

The storyline Lynch character’s killing his wife, was not very credible even though we got to see a lot of what the Sunshine State has to offer fauna and flora wise during the case.

But then again this is just summer series so we shouldn’t expect anything extraordinary from it.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on The Glades TV Show.

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