The Gates:ABC TV Show The Gates

The Gates TV Show

The Gates:ABC TV Show The Gates – The Gates Pilot Season 1 Episode 1 which was directed by Terry McDonough and written by Grant Scharbo & Richard Hatem aired last night on ABC.
The Gates is basically a summer show partly inspired by ABC’s big hits “Desperate Housewives” and “Brothers & Sisters” and partly based on vampire shows like “Twilight” or “True Blood.”

The supernatural drama in which star Rhona Mitra,Travis Caldwell,Colton Haynes,Frank Grillo is more or less about a community with one odd resident (Nick Monohan and his family who are the town’s newest residents).
In the pilot episode,we meet Nick Monohan (Frank Grillo) , his wife and two teenage kids who are trying to adapt from their new lives in their new home in The Gates in Chicago.

We quickly learned that the couple is having the usual marital problems because of Nick’s new job.
But slowly but surely we fall on vampires,people will all kinds of magical powers who appear to be the perfect next door neighbor.

Here is the summary of the episode:

The Monohan family move into their new home in The Gates, an exclusive community of perfectly manicured lawns and friendly neighbors. But things grow complicated when Nick Monohan, the new Chief of Police, has to investigate those neighbors in a missing persons case during his first day on the job. Claire and Dylan Radcliff fight to hide not only their involvement in Nick’s case, but their rather unusual family secret. Meanwhile, Charlie Monohan tries to adjust to his new school, finding a friend in the beautiful but unavailable Andie Bates. Just when his family is finally settling in, Nick’s world is rocked by a late-night caller with some terrible news.

If you are into the whole vampire/werewolf/supernatural thing ,well this show is perfect for you.
Additionally the script is well written , and unlike Scoundrels , TG had a nice budget so it is well filmed for a little summer series.
But other than that there is nothing extraordinary about it – and if you have seen one vampire/soap opera than you have seen them all.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on The Gates TV Show.

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