The Game Season 4 Episode 4: It Was All Good Just A Week Ago S04E04

‘The Game’ Season 4, Episode 4 called “It Was All Good Just a Week Ago” (the title was inspired by one of Jay-Z’s songs ) which was produced Kelsey Grammer aired last night on BET.

The series which recently moved from The CW to BET has brought back all the drama that we loved from the unpredictable cast that include Tia Mowry Hardrict and Pooch Hall.

In this week’s episode we learned that Malik is seriously spiraling out of control after dumping Tee Tee as he right hand.

The player who was recently arrested for drinking and driving announced that he was leaving the Sabers’ but thankfully the team’s owner new stepped in to the rescue.

Meanwhile Derwin who just discovered that he may not be the father of his kid started worrying about his relationship with Melanie and Malik’s social troubles.
Despite the countless dramas in her life Medical School is still trying to bond with the other wives of the Sabers football team who are unbelievably ghetto.

Overall it was a pretty solid episode with the just the right amount of comedy and drama.The sitcom is certainly enjoyable which would explain why even Mrs Obama tunes in to catch a glimpse.

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