The Game Back On BET

The Game Back On BET – BET opened a new chapter in its history this week when it premiered “The Game,” a show that had previously been on the CW, but recently moved over to BET, where they feel the show will be a hit with the mostly African American audience. They are banking on “The Game” to become the anchor of their scripted programming block that has been in the works for quite some time.

The timeslot will run from 10 PM to 11 PM and will be surrounded with a number of other scripted shows in the near future.

It will be interesting to see how well BET is able to transition into scripted programming. Throughout the history of the network, they have avoided scripted TV and instead have focused on musical programs and standup comedy to bring in the viewers. With so much of the music video watching population moving to the Internet, it was clear that the network had to do something to reignite their network and audience.

They have carried reruns of “The Game” since February of 2009, and those reruns have drawn higher numbers in some instances than they ever did on CW. They are hoping that original material will being viewers in by the truckload. The show is undoubtedly more popular on BET, but will the audience give a warm reception to the weekly scripted format, especially when they are used to not having any scripted programming on BET?

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