The Flintstones Characters Anniversary

The Flintstones Characters Anniversary – “The Flintstones” are now officially 50 years old. The cartoon has continued to be popular amongst children, and has even had a live action movie made for it.

The show first premiered on ABC on September 30th, 1960. It was among the first of a new brand of television shows that worked for both children and adults. It centered on a working class couple that lived in the fictional town of Bedrock. Fred and Wilma lived next to their best friends, Barney and Betty Rubble.

The cartoon quickly rose to popularity and we got to see them live seemingly normal lives, just a few dozen thousand years before humans were actually on Earth. They worked at a rock quarry that used dinosaurs for manual labor. They drove cars that had wheels made from rock and were powered by their feet.

At the time, they were the first couple on television that openly shared a bed. The show was cosponsored by Winston cigarettes, and characters from the show were used in commercials to sell the products.

Google also celebrated the anniversary by placing a Flintstones inspired logo on their front page. “Flintstones” quickly became one of the most searched terms on the search engine, raising awareness of the anniversary. It will be interesting to see what kind of Flintstones-inspired events come out of the anniversary. A number of television news programs will be running specials on the cartoon, highlighting its television dominance throughout most of its lifetime.

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