The Event TV Show Pilot-Watch Season Premiere I Haven’t Told You Everything Online S01E01


The Event TV Show Pilot-Watch Season Premiere I Haven’t Told You Everything Online S01E01 – The Event pilot titled “I Haven’t Told You Everything” aired last night on NBC. The episode was directed by Jeffrey Reiner and written by Nick Wauters. New show ‘The Event’, staring Jason Ritter and Blaire Underwood, has seen the critics speaking highly for the new TV series in its Monday night time slot. Centered around the two main characters, watchers are left wondering what exactly is going on, what is happening, in a similar style to the hit show ‘Lost’, which kept viewers wondering until the end. If done poorly, this can cause annoyance and frustration, but when done well, the show is sure to become a hit. ‘The Event’ seems to fall in the latter category, if early previews are to go by.

The plot is, an event happens that changes the world. What the actual event is, isn’t exactly said in the show. However, there are prisoners, but why they are being held is kept as mysterious as the event that occurred. Are they aliens, or terrorists, or something else?

One review had this to say about the show:

“What is “The Event”? You won’t know by the end of the pilot, which nevertheless does a nifty job of raising suspicions — and introducing a diverse cast of characters, from an extremely unlucky vacationer to the president of the United States. NBC’s stab at a big, serialized “Lost”-like premise gets off to an enticing start, though as with any such exercise, the ability to provide forward momentum — and satisfying answers — tends to quickly separate the few genuine events from the canceled afterthoughts.” [Brian Lowry, Variety]

Overall The Event TV Show seems to have the right elements to help NBC get back on its feet but at the same time the series’ slot appear overtly competitive. The Event TV Show after watching the pilot is a cross between 24, Heroes, Lost and FlashForward which means it can either be a hit or a total flop.

Putting all the ingredients that made successful mystery shows together might be great on paper but in the end could also be extremely hard to follow for the average viewer. Only time will tell if NBC made the right call on this one.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on The Event “I Haven’t Told You Everything”.

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