The Biggest Loser Season 9

The Biggest Loser Season 9 – The Biggest Loser 9 cast pictures,bios and videos can be found here.The Biggest Loser 9/The Biggest Loser season 9/Biggest Loser: Couples season 9 is set to air on NBC on January 5th,2010.The cast of The Biggest Loser 9 includes some of the heaviest contestants to ever compete on the show.For example Michael Ventrella who weighs 526 pounds is considered the heaviest person to ever make on the reality show,there are also two identical twins from Orlando named James and John Crutchfield weigh 485 and 484 pounds, respectively.Here is a brief presentation of the cast.

Cherita & Victoria.png
Mother/Daughter: Cherita & Victoria

Cherita: Fifty and fabulous! That’s how Cherita feels on the inside, but at 277 pounds, Cherita feels trapped inside her large body. She’s been waiting for years to come out of her shell, but has put herself aside to concentrate on husband, children, home and career. She gained weight over the years because she was so busy taking care of everyone else. She wants to lose the weight so that she can spend the next 50 years fulfilling all the passions she has set aside in the first half of her life. Cherita has overcome cancer and now at age 50, she wants to prove that women at any age can lose weight.

Vicky has struggled with her weight since she was a very young girl. Although she grew up in a home where she and her younger brother were encouraged to dream big, work hard and never quit, she has not been able to conquer obesity. Being beautiful on the inside is not enough for Vicky. She wants to wow the world with her beauty, brains and brawn, and she knows that begins with her commitment to being healthy and fit.

The Team: Cherita and Vicky are fierce competitors with hearts of gold. They come from a very close and loving family, but also a family with a history of diabetes, heart disease, obesity, stroke and cancer. Vicky and Cherita are committed to changing the legacy of their family from one of premature deaths and disease to one of health, vitality and long life.

Cheryl & Daris.png
Mother/Son: Cheryl & Daris

Cheryl gained her largest amount of weight after having three children in three years. Her family and husband’s family believe that get-togethers should center on eating. Cheryl thinks it is her turn, her chance to be thin and think of herself, and not feel guilty anymore about herself or her son’s weight. She would like to be able to go to the ranch and return home stronger, more confident and set an example for her grandchildren.

Daris was always an athlete and was always the big guy on the team. Daris took his size as a sign of strength by being a lineman and throwing shot put and discus, but was always self-conscious about his weight. He has never had a girlfriend, even though the girls give him plenty of attention because of his big curly hair and his funny t-shirts. He loves being the center of attention and making people laugh, but he has low confidence with women due to his weight. Daris wants to lose weight and prove to himself that he deserves one of those beautiful women that keep coming up and playing with his hair. Daris wants to be healthy and raise a family and live a long, happy life.

The Team: As competitive as they are, Cheryl and Daris always find themselves cheering for others to do well. Sometimes they butt heads with each other, but they always get the job done. There is nothing that this mother and son would not do for each other. Cheryl and Daris want this opportunity to improve their health and show everyone that losing weight and getting healthy is possible, no matter what weight you are.

Darrell & Drea.png
Father/Daughter: Darrell & Drea

Although Darrell wants to live life to its fullest, his weight keeps him from doing this. Darrell has always been the largest in his family. As a child, when grandma came to visit, Darrell had no problem eating dozens of her delicious cookies. This habit has continued throughout his adult life. He has never been one to give up, but has tried every diet and exercise routine and he never seems to be able to stick with it. Darrell hopes to reclaim the years and quality of life that obesity has taken from him. He has been living behind the weight far too long and is ready to overcome and conquer this food addiction.

Andrea has always been overweight, but did not start gaining weight consistently until after high school. Andrea played competitive sports all her life and now coaches softball. Family means everything to Andrea. However, at every family event, there is an enormous amount of food — it is how her family shows their love. Andrea is ready to show people that health matters. She has never been able to lose the weight on her own, but is finally ready to take the bull by the horns and shed the weight.

The Team: Darrell and Andrea are the fourth and fifth generation to carry on obesity in their family. If ever there was a time to change that, it is now. As great friends, this father and daughter team will show their ability to carry each other when times get hard and laugh at/with each other when necessary.

John & James.png
Twin Brothers: John & James

John’s family is very close and a number of deaths in the family both past and recent continue to bind his family even closer. John no longer wants to use his family tragedies as an excuse to be overweight and wants more than anything to lose weight so he can be there for his family. Just knowing what it feels like to lose family members, makes John want to try even harder so his wife and child never have to feel that pain. He has lost 160 pounds in the past but gained back nearly 200 in a short period of time. His competitive side alone makes him want to lose even more weight than before and keep it off for good! John loves to compete against his twin brother and looks forward to competing with him.

Being twins has made James and John very competitive. This began at an early age, competing for everything from better grades in grade school to who can run the faster 40-yard dash in high school football practice. James’ weight is spiraling out of control and he can no longer participate in many of the activities he once enjoyed. James would love to be able to take his wife dancing or on long walks but is unable to do so in his current condition. His number one goal is to have a family and live a long life with them.

The Team: John and James are naturally very competitive, being twins and growing up in a house with four older sisters. Just to stand out in such a large family took their competition to another level. James and John no longer want to use their past family tragedies as an excuse to be overweight. They instead want to push each other to make sure they are not the cause of any more family heartache. John and James will push each other, not only to lose weight, but also to win!

Maria & Mike.png
Mother/Son: Maria & Mike

Maria’s responsibilities to care for her disabled husband and chronically ill elderly mother have left her with absolutely no time for herself. Maria’s weight has been an ongoing issue as the latter years of her life have progressed. This is especially true after the passing of her father, who was the family’s core foundation. Maria has come to a point in her life where her weight is now hindering her capability to not only help and care for others, but also for herself. Maria hopes to set an example for all her family and friends, helping them realize how important good health is not only to oneself, but also to better care for loved ones.

Growing up around his father’s band, Michael was inspired by music and became a mobile deejay at the very young age of 11. This exposure to large crowds allowed him to feel comfortable as the center of attention. Starting at a young age, Michael has always struggled with his weight. In recent years he has tried everything he could to lose weight, including dangerous over-the-counter and prescription pills, trendy diet plans, expensive nutritionists, starvation and, at his most desperate attempts, forcing himself to be bulimic. Michael’s biggest goals are to pursue a career in advertising and public relations, and to eventually meet the love of his life and start a family.

The Team: Both Maria and Michael are proud to be 100% Italian-American. Unfortunately, most of the food they cook and eat is not the healthiest. Maria and Michael agree that with the help of The Biggest Loser they can find ways to substitute old world unhealthy ingredients with modern healthy alternatives. This mother/son team hopes to set an example, and send out a message to all Italian-Americans, that keeping your traditions and culture alive does not necessarily mean carrying on old, bad habits.

Melissa & Lance.png
Married: Melissa & Lance

In her late teens and early twenties, Melissa was mostly healthy while actively involved in softball and daily workouts. Then she got married and packed on a full 40 pounds during the first three years of marriage, adding another 20 following the birth of her children. During law school, Melissa chose to eat out, rather than prepare healthy meals for her family. When it comes to her clients and the courtroom, Melissa lets nothing stand in her way. Yet, when it comes to the gym, Melissa finds every excuse not to go. Losing weight will help Melissa obtain a life-long goal and develop a new lifestyle of fitness. Melissa’s tenacity and sheer determination provide the mental capability to achieve her weight-loss goal, but she needs help making the most of her emotional and physical capabilities as well.

Lance comes from a rural Texas farming and ranching family and was raised on meat and potatoes. Taught at a young age to finish everything on his plate, his conditioning as a child has followed him into adulthood and he cannot leave food on his plate, or anyone else’s. With a booming oil industry in 2004, Lance was in high demand as a commercial diver. The industry began to tighten up its standards and Lance continued to gain weight, soon finding himself out of a job. Lance’s weight has hindered his ability to earn income to support his family. Lance has the strength, stamina and determination to win the battle with his weight and begin to live a happy and healthy lifestyle, but he needs guidance on how to lose the weight.

The Team: As the parents of two great kids, Lance and Melissa set very poor examples for their children when it comes to health and fitness. Evenings at the Morgan house consist of take-out, video games and hours of television. Lance and Melissa realize that now is the time to make the changes that will affect the lives of their family — forever.

Migdalia & Miggy.png
Mother/Daughter: Migdalia & Miggy

Migdalia is a mother’s daughter. She is quick-tempered and says exactly what is on her mind, which can lead to disagreements. Nevertheless, they are best friends who have overcome a lot in life. She and her family grew up in poor conditions and never consistently had food or electricity. One of the toughest obstacles in her life was moving from Puerto Rico to the U.S. and having to adjust to the language barrier. Migdalia has not always been overweight. With the stresses of being a military wife whose husband recently came back from deployment in Iraq and may be sent back in early fall, Migdalia has overindulged in non-healthy food choices, leading to rapid weight gain. She also recently had her second child.

Miggy was raised in New York and was relocated by her mother and stepfather to Puerto Rico as a teen. She was married and divorced by the age of 17. She tried her best to “never cry for the kids or for myself.” Miggy’s weight has fluctuated as much as her career changes. Her previous occupations have been a farmer, ceramic technician, hairdresser, and most recently, a police officer — and she was rewarded “Police Officer Woman of the Year” four times. More than anything, Miggy wants to show and prove to the Hispanic community that they can lose weight and be healthy.

The Team: Miggy and Migdalia are a lively Puerto Rican mother/daughter team. They are strong willed and add a competitive edge to everything in life. “Migdalia” means “Indian Warrior Leader and Flower.” Miggy has made sure that the name and its meaning are passed on to her children and grandkids. The lessons learned on the show would not only be incorporated into their daily lives and passed on to their family members, but also save them from worsening medical problems.

O\'Neal & Sunshine.png
Father/Daughter: O’Neal & Sunshine

O’Neal is a very competitive person. His competitive drive no doubt comes from his love of sports. “Big O’Neal” (as he is affectionately known) has been coaching and playing football for over 35 years. Recently his oldest brother had a severe asthma attack and died before his 58th birthday. His brother’s untimely death has served as a wake-up call to O’Neal, and he is committed to becoming healthy and losing the weight for good.

In high school, SunShine competed in both synchronized swimming and competitive swimming. While she has always been bigger, her selfless attitude has made it difficult to take the time necessary to meet her weight-loss goals. SunShine is constantly tempted by food at family gatherings and at work in a restaurant that serves mainly unhealthy dishes. She feels that the decisions she makes at this time in her life, and the patterns she sets up for herself, will determine what her future will look like. Without losing weight, SunShine feels the future is not as bright as it should be.

THE TEAM: O’Neal and SunShine are seeking a chance to focus on themselves and improve their lives. Both are former athletes who understand how to cope with mental and physical stress. Because they are the two largest members of their family, they have a special bond. SunShine, a Daddy’s girl, has always looked to her father to help get through the most difficult moments of her life and he has always been there. Together they are ready for any challenge.

Patti & Stephanie.png
Mother/Daughter: Patti & Stephanie

Having always been ambitious and driven, Stephanie works hard in a high-pressure job and uses her long hours and social outings as an excuse not to work out and be healthy. She also uses work as a reason for not having time to be in a serious relationship, when in reality she is afraid to put herself out there to be judged and possibly rejected. No stranger to a diet, she has never been able to get a grip on her weight. Stephanie was once a dancer and cheerleader and knows there is an athlete ready to emerge from within. Stephanie is ready to prove once and for all that she can lose the weight and keep it off.
Patti remembers with sadness the song playmates sang about her: “Patti fatty two by four, can’t fit through the bathroom door!” Although she put on a brave face with smiles and laughter, she was ashamed and broken-hearted. Patti’s father died suddenly at age 55 and she was completely devastated. Patti is fearful that if she does not get her weight under control now, at the same age her father died, she will put her daughters in the same position. Patti wants to finally be the woman her husband deserves: healthy, energetic and fit. As the president/owner of a company in an industry dominated by men, Patti’s determination and tenacity has been necessary to be successful.

The Team: Having been overweight almost all of their lives, this mother/daughter team is ready to finally break the cycle. Confident, determined and strong, Patti and Stephanie love competition — especially winning. They come from a very close, loving and vivacious family. They are ready for any challenge or obstacle on The Biggest Loser ranch and will push themselves and each other to the limit.

Sam & Koli.png
Cousins: Sam & Koli

Sam was born in 1985 on the tiny island of American Samoa. At eight months of age, his uncle and aunt, who live in the States, adopted Sam. Growing up in a Samoan family, being big was normal. There were always numerous family gatherings and plenty of food. Sam now works mainly in security and his schedule is abnormal; he works late nights and sleeps most of the day. Sam also commits his time volunteering as a youth football coach. This does not help establish healthy eating habits as he normally eats at late/odd hours. Not only does Sam want to get healthy and control his weight, but he also wants to develop better eating and workout habits. Many people in Sam’s family have diabetes, hypertension and gout. Sam believes that if he can do this for himself, he will be a great example to his family and many others in his culture. He intends on winning The Biggest Loser and bringing back what he learns to his large family (where he is one of over 150 grandchildren and great-grandchildren).

With Koli’s Tongan roots, it seems that his culture has given him an excuse to be big and not worry about his weight. There are expectations that are put on Koli because of his weight: he is expected to eat more than everyone else, and he is the first person everyone calls when they need help moving. Koli works as a high school football coach in the day and is head of security during the night shift. This makes it hard to work out and causes him to eat at odd hours. Koli has grown up playing many sports and understands the importance of healthy living. He is very involved in athletics and wants to continue coaching where he can be a role model for young men. The first step to this dream in his life is being healthy and getting in shape.

Sherry & Ashley.png
Mother/Daughter: Sherry & Ashley

Sherry was the thinnest child in her family up until the age of 30. While successful in maintaining her weight after two children, she let it spiral out of control after the death of her husband. Sherry is embarrassed to meet new colleagues at work because of her weight. She wants to regain control of her life and needs to lose the weight to be healthy and to be around to see her daughters give her grandchildren. She knows things must change immediately to live the full, long life that she knows she deserves.

Ashley started out as a normal healthy child but developed sleep apnea early. When she was six, she had her tonsils and adenoids removed and began growing quickly. By the time she was in high school, she wore a size 14-16. Ever since then, she has continued to gain and has put on over 100 pounds. Ashley hates to run into old friends and classmates because she feels embarrassed about her weight. She feels like she is stuck in a body that does not allow her to live life, be herself, and dress in the fashion she desires. Ashley finds it hard to work at a spa that concentrates on well-being because she feels that she projects a negative image to clients.

The Team: This mother/daughter team feels that they have been overweight, out of breath and self-conscious about themselves for too long. They are each known for their outgoing characters and together they think that they can take it to another level. They are both loving and caring but also competitive and determined. They not only want to change their own lives but the lives of their family, friends, and people in their hometown.

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