The Big C Season 1 Episode 7: Watch Two For The Road Online S01E07

The Big C Season 1 Episode 7: Watch Two For The Road Online S01E07 – The Big C episode 7 called “Two for the Road” which was directed by Alan Poul and written by Hilly Hicks, Jr. aired last night on Showtime.

“The Big C” has been able to captivate audiences with its unique outlook on a family that is haunted by cancer. The latest episode is very good, and you get to see Cathy and Sean take a road trip to visit their father. Meanwhile, Cathy gets a taste of what her cancer will do to the people that she loves too much.

Paul and Adam get together and bond, but Paul drinks too much and embarrasses himself when he is ogling Cathy’s breasts in their wedding video. There is no doubt that Paul loves Cathy, but he needs to move on and find something new.

Adam also discovers how hard it can be when he needs his parents and neither of them are around. Cathy continues to struggle with her diagnoses and what it means for her life. You can say that she has a fresh perspective on her own life.

Adam doesn’t enjoy the road trip to see his grandfather, so Cathy decides that she would rather leave him behind than deal with his whining. The episode is one of the deepest that we have seen yet, and is mostly about Cathy learning how to deal with the problems that are now a relevant part of her life, ever since she was diagnosed with cancer.
It will be interesting to see how her diagnosis continues to affect the rest of her family throughout the rest of the first season.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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