The Big C Season 1 Episode 6: Watch Taking Lumps Online S01E06

THE BIG C Season 1 Episode 6: Watch Taking Lumps Online S01E06 – The sixth episode of this seasons “The Big C,” “Taking Lumps” which was directed by Alan Poul and written by Toni Kalem was funny, but not as funny as some of the previous episodes. Although this episode is by far the most layered, giving the audience insight to many of the different characters lives, it left a little to be desired in the way of comedy.

We get to look at what pre-cancer life was like for Cathy, Paul and Adam. This allows us to see how their lives have drastically changed since they received the prognosis, and also note how the characters themselves have changed. All of them seem to have a little bit less of a serious side to them, and have decided to live life after receiving the diagnosis.

Andrea is not nearly as present in this episode as she was in the previous few. She only has a few words throughout, which some fans will be happy about. Throughout, she is acting like you would think any heartbroken teenager would, and she does an excellent job of acting as if she is having a hard time dealing with her emotions.

Cathy also took a huge hit in this episode, which seems to focus on choices that our characters have made and the consequences that they have to face in the wake. There are a number of funny moments, including the worms in Sean’s salad, and Marlene wearing a “Drain Gang” necklace. The episode is alright at best, but does a good job of giving us what we are looking for in terms of backstory. If only there could have been more jokes throughout, it would have been a very good episode of “The Big C.”

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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