The Big C Episode 8: Happy Birthday, Cancer S01E08

The Big C Episode 8 called “Happy Birthday, Cancer” which was directed by Tricia Brock and written by Darlene Hunt aired last night on Showtime.

“The Big C” gives us the story of a family, and shows us how they are affected when the mother receives the news that she has cancer. In the eight episode of the season, titled “Happy Birthday, Cancer ” Cathy celebrates what might be her last birthday due to the illnee. She is forced to decide who she wants to spend the day with. Will she be able to enjoy what could potentially be the final birthday of her life? With her condition looming over her head, it is hard to imagine that she would be able to have any kind of real fun.

As much as the show is about her cancer, it is more so about her acceptance of her mortality. We get an in depth look at all the relationships that make up her life, and see how they are affected by the news that she is sick.
As the season goes on, and they are able to flesh out the characters, we learn about how their relationships have changed since she received the news about her condition. She is torn between two men in her life.

One seems to be better for her (Lenny), while another seems to be less ideal given her situation (Paul.) As the series goes on, we learn more about each of the men, including what their intentions are and what they want out of their relationship with Cathy.

This episode might be the most touching in the history of the series but sadly we still do not known what Cathy wants-but at some point she will have to decide because she can not have it both ways.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on The Big C season 1 episode 8.

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