The Big Bang Theory Season 3 Episode 19:Watch The Wheaton Recurrence Online S03E19

The Big Bang Theory Season 3 Episode 19:Watch The Wheaton Recurrence Online S03E19 – Well Wil wheaton has definitely started this week off with an evil part on “The Big Bang Theory.” Could he possibly end a relationship for the sole purpose of winning a bowling tournament? Maybe he would, this weeks episode definitely supported tat he would. I liked that he was featured as the main character throughout the entire episode, he’s really funny and he adds that special glow to the show that it really needs. In the first episode, they sort of just had him come up here and there, and it wasn’t focused solely around him. This time, they changed that and they made a smart move. Wheaton left quite a memorable experience on everyone else. I mean, Wil managed to change the course of the show and now it appears to be moving in an entirely different direction, I definitely didn’t see that one coming.

Apparently Penny and Leonard’s romance wasn’t going so well and a break up has been on the minds of everyone for awhile now, but I didn’t see it coming like this. Wil actually managed to do it quite easily and with a little bit of cleverness to it. He tricked Penny that she was just leading Leonard on really without even having to try. Maybe it wont be the complete end of Penny and Leonard, but they definitely weren’t ready to say that they loved each other, so how could you see them coming back? If it was love, it was a different kind of love anyway. I didn’t think she was leading Leonard on, more just not ready for commitment and unsure whether Leonard was right for her yet. If I were to have my guess, I think Penny will realize she had something special for Leonard and will come back to him. It will probably be extremely lengthy before the reunion happens for the sake of the show, but I think it will be coming.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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