The Big Bang Theory Season 3 Episode 17:Watch The Precious Fragmentation Online S03E17

The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory Season 3 Episode 17:Watch The Precious Fragmentation Online S03E17 – The Big Bang Theory season 3 episode 17 called “The Precious Fragmentation” which was directed by Mark Cendrowski and written by Lee Aronsohn & Eric Kaplan & Maria Ferrari (Story), Bill Prady & Steven Molaro & Richard Rosenstock (Teleplay) was broadcast on CBS last night.This installment was very light character wise ,but it sure was heavy on the jokes ,especially the physical comedy.The plot was quite simple-the boys bought a box of junk/treasures that contained few comic books,Mr. Spock body with the Mr. T head and vice versa along with-a genuine prop ring from the movie, The Lord of the Rings.The ring became a real object of desire so they fought which lead to their friendship being put on the line. Raj wanted to trade in the ring for a jet-ski, Sheldon wanted to simply keep it, Howard wanted to sell it for 17k and Leonard wanted to Fedex it to Peter Jackson.Here is a brief presentation of the episode.

In a parody of “The Lord of the Rings,” the guys fight over a ring they believe was an original prop from the movie. Leonard wants to give the ring back to its original owner. Koothrappali wants to sell it so that he can get a jet ski. Sheldon wants to keep it so badly that he actually starts to turn into Gollum from the Lord Of The Rings movies. Sheldon sneaks into Penny and Leonard’s room in the middle of the night to steal the ring off of Penny’s neck where she is wearing it to keep it safe, and Penny punches him in the nose. In the end Leonard sends the ring back to New Zealand to the original owner. However, in the tag we see that Leonard has lied about sending it back to New Zealand, and has really hidden it in his room.

As we stated before this installment did not move any ongoing story-lines,it was just a great episode that was very well written ,full of gags,that had great physical comedy and 10,000 Lord of the Rings references.Here are few jokes and scenes that had us rolling on the floor:
-“We can love it and take it out occasionally when we go to the park to reenact our favorite scenes from the movie!”
-All the guys clinging to the ring and trying to move as one mass.
-“Sometimes I don’t listen. Sometimes, I just watch your jaw go up and down.”
-“Who’s Adam West? Leonard, what do you two talk about after the coitus?”
-“I’m just going to go home and make a grilled cheese and window shop on eHarmony.”
-Penny punching and breaking Sheldon’s nose.
-“If you are suggesting that is the actual Ring of Power, forged by Sauron in the fires of Mount Doom, I look at you with an expression of exhaustion and ever so slight amusement.”
-“How is this maritime salvage?” “Other than the lack of water, how is it not?”
-“If only I’d had the presence of mind to reabsorb her, then I’d have a mole with hair in it instead of a tedious yearly Christmas letter.”
-“Howard, here is more bacon to tuck into the shiksa’s G-string.”
-The guys making fun of Sheldon’s Meemaw.
-“Dripping faucets. Leaky gutter. Peeing.”
-“Just to clarify. When you get to three, do we stand up, or do we pee?”
What are your thoughts on the episode?
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