The Bachelorette Season 6:Ali Fedotowsky

The Bachelorette Season 6:Ali Fedotowsky – Ali Fedotowsky from “The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love” was picked as the star of the upcoming season of ‘The Bachelorette’ that will begin May 24 on ABC.This comes as no surprise to the fans of the show.Here is what Fedotowsky had to say about her new gig:

“I’m not going to let fear dictate my life anymore.”

Ali Fedotowsky also appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel show,earlier this week to discuss the matter.

Fedotowsky who made the final four on the last ‘Bachelor’ left “On the Wings of Love” supposedly for her job at Facebook,a position that she is now quitting for “The Bachelorette.” Ali changed her mind at some point and wanted to come back but Jake Pavelka rejected her.That’s when she started looking into the possibility of doing “The Bachelorette.” At that time she told journalists:

“I’m flattered and I really feel great that people think that ABC would consider me for such a wonderful opportunity [as being ‘The Bachelorette’].”

What are your thoughts on Ali Fedotowsky?

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