The Bachelor 2010 Season 14 Episode 6:Ali Fedotowsky Jake Pavelka On The Wings Of Love


The Bachelor 2010 Season 14 Episode 6:Ali Fedotowsky Jake Pavelka On The Wings Of Love – The Bachelor season 14 episode 6 aired last night on ABC,and it was all about meeting the families of the remaining bachelorettes.As usual there was a lot of drama,tears,laughter and more. Here is a recap of the episode where the girls took Jake Pavelka on hometown dates.

Gia in New York City
Gia takes Jake on a boat ride around Manhattan,they stopped in front of the Statue of Liberty to take few pictures,before going to meet her parents.Gia’s mother Donna grills the Bachelor without getting any real answers from him and her step-brother Erick doesn’t want her to get hurt so he told Jake:

“If I have to I’ll hunt you down, break a few legs.”

Ali in Williamstown, Massachusetts
This is where Ali grew up although she now lives in San Francisco,California.After meeting Jake,Ali’s mother presents her in the best way possible saying that she has a heart of gold.She also added:

“She’s the happiest I’ve seen her in a long time.”

Everything went well here,Ali is even ready to say Yes right away.
Tenley in Newberg, Oregon
Tenley gets Jake to talk a little bit about his relationship with his family,we learn for example that he consults them for everything.We later found out that Tenley’s parents were rooting for Jake when he was on “The Bachelorette.” Jake asks the father if he would give him her hand if it was needed.The father said yes.
Vienna in Sanford, Florida
Vienna is very close to her father,she told him that she was seriously in love with Jake.Vienna doesn’t want to make mistakes in her personal life again,she said:

“I’m not going to make two mistakes.”

Jake and Vienna made out in her room,while the father was barely outside the door.
Back in Los Angeles + Rose Ceremony
Jake reflects a little on what happened with the families when a bombshell drops:Ali has to leave the show because of her work and she wants the Bachelor to hold her back but he can’t.Before she left Jake had this to tell her:

“I feel like you’re slipping right through my fingers and I don’t know how to stop you.”

The other girls still have their roses despite the fact there was no rose ceremony.What are your thoughts on the episode?
That’s all we have for now on The Bachelor Season 14 Episode 6.

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