The Bachelor 2010 Season 14 Episode 5:Corrie Jake Pavelka On The Wings Of Love


The Bachelor 2010 Season 14 Episode 5:Corrie Jake Pavelka On The Wings Of Love – The Bachelor Season 14 Episode 5 aired last night on ABC.The Bachelor 2010 Jake Pavelka seems to be having a hard time finding the woman of his dream.On Monday’s episode of ABC’s The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love, Jake took his five bachelorettes to a trip to San Francisco (Chinatown, Golden Gate Park and a Napa Valley Castle) where three of them will have one-on-one dates with him.Here is what happened.

Tenley’s Date
Jake takes Tenley to dinner in Chinatown,all went well until The Bachelor asked her about mistakes she made in her first marriage.Tenley seemed to lack confidence in herself and is ready to accept anything as long marriage is involved.The pair shared a passionate kiss and Jake had some kind words for her.

Two-on-One Date
Gia and Vienna are taken to a Napa Valley Castle where things did not really go smooth.Vienna wanted all the attention and Jake needed to know Gia better.Gia ends up telling Vienna at some point:

“You can eat my salmon.”

After that she left with The Bachelor.
Corrie’s Date
Corrie is apparently saving herself for marriage and that does not impress Jake although he respects her choice.There was not much chemistry between these two.
Ali’s Date
Ali had some fun showing Jake San Francisco where she is from.Jake and Ali seemed to have a connection although the bachelor wanted to talk about Vienna.
Rose Ceremony
Tenley, Ali and Gia get roses,Corrie and Vienna are up for the last rose.Corrie is the one who got sent home.What are your thoughts on the episode?
That’s all we have for now on The Bachelor Season 14 Episode 5.

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