The Bachelor 2010 Episode 7:Gia Allemand Jake Pavelka On The Wings Of Love S14


The Bachelor 2010 Episode 7:Gia Allemand Jake Pavelka On The Wings Of Love S14 – The Bachelor season 14, episode 7 week 7 (S14) aired few hours ago on ABC.Jake Pavelka took the three remaining bachelorettes to St. Lucia for some fun time and overnight dates.Here is what took place in the episode.

Gia Date
Gia and Jake make out in the suite and the bachelor says that he wants to comeback on the island for his honeymoon.Both of them tried to give a deep meaning to the date and to each other.
Tenley Date

The date took a very romantic turn with a helicopter flight and a picnic.Tenley nonetheless spent a good portion of the time talking about her ex-husband.Tenley decided to take the Fantasy Suite card,because she feels that her and Jake still have more to share.
Vienna Date
Jake wants to have fun and be immature,Vienna is the right person for that.They have fun on a picnic and Vienna confesses that she has fallen in love with the bachelor.Vienna too accepts the Fantasy Suite card.After these dates Ali calls Jake who decides to turn her down.

Tenley Video Message:

“I dream of dancing with you forever. I believe that we can have that fairy-tale ending.”

Gia Video Message:

“I can honestly say to you, right now, that I am falling in love with you.”

Vienna Video Message:

“You mean the world to me, and I can’t wait to be your wife.”

Rose Ceremony
Tenley is the first one to receive a rose and Gia is sent home.
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