The Apprentice 2010 – Watch Season 10 Episode 1 Online S10E01

The Apprentice 2010 – Watch Season 10 Episode 1 Online S10E01 – With “The Apprentice” heading into its 10th season, it is clear that greed is not something that will get you ahead in the game, just as it hasn’t in previous seasons. It has been nearly three and a half years since the show starred a number of regular people, and it will be interesting to see how they have learned from their celebrity seasons. The show originally ditched the “normal person” cast because they thought that it would be hard to garner the ratings that they were getting with the big names.

With Donald Trump in charge of everything, season 10 premieres tonight with a bang. Trump released a statement ensuring visitors that he will be pushing the candidates harder than ever to strive for success, but no so much that greed will help them to win the competition.

Trump always looks for an individual that is easy to get along with, but knows when to take over a situation. He likes workers with tenacity, which is something that many of the celebrities seemed to lack. They were not fighting for a job alongside Trump. They already had a career in the industry and were not looking to jump ship after they won the Apprentice.

The contestants this season are familiar with the recession that we have been in these last few years. The cast is currently working a number of odd jobs to get by, and is hungrier than ever for success. The 10th season has all of the makings of a great season of “The Apprentice.”
This evening the contestants were split in two groups -the men on one side aka the Octane,the ladies aka Fortitude on the other and they were asked design an ultramodern SoHo office space in barely 24 hours.
Despite the fact that Donald Trump was not all that happy with either design ,his children Ivanka and Don Jr. concluded that Team Octane should win.

The ladies were called into the boardroom were a cat-fight erupted between Tyana Alvarado and Nicole Chiu who was a terrible project manager.
After all was said and done Chiu got the boot.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on The Apprentice 2010.

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