Terriers Season 1 Episode 3: Watch Change Partners Online S01E03

Terriers Season 1 Episode 3: Watch Change Partners Online S01E03 – Terriers Season 1 Episode 3 called “Change Partners” which was written by Guy Ferland and directed by Phoef Sutton aired last night on FX.
In this week’s “Terriers,” titled “Change Partners” our main characters are given a case that initially appears to be fairly cut and dry. However, in their typical fashion, they tend to make the case a bit more complicated than it should. Their client has a strange obsession in the episode and Hank comes up with his own way to fulfill he obsession that also benefits them.

While they are investigating the case, Britt is warned by Hank’s former partner that Hank could potentially let him down at some point and turn his back on him. It was clear that the former partner was attempting to sabotage Hank’s current operation.

Britt and his girlfriend have a pretty good talk in the episode as well, divulging a number of secrets that they had previously kept hidden. Britt even tells her his biggest secret, but does not receive the reaction that he was looking for, or expecting for that matter.

The episode has a number of very hilarious parts, but ultimately falls just as flat as the previous episodes of the show. The humor is there, but the story line that we are introduced to seems to be lacking something important.

It will be interesting to see how Britt and his girlfriend’s relationship changes after Britt’s wild admission, and whether or not they will be able to deal with all of the secrets that they divulged in the most recent episode.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Terriers Season 1 Episode 3.

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