Teresa Giudice Bankrupt:Broke Star The Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Real Housewife

Teresa Giudice Bankrupt:Broke Star The Real Housewives Of New Jersey – Real Housewife, Teresa Giudice is completely broke, and is over 10 million in debt according to recent reports. She recently bought a new mansion, some breast implants, and went on shopping sprees that cost her thousands. She has obviously been living past her means for quite some time, and now it is coming back to haunt her. The New Jersey reality star is reportedly in debt for over 10 million dollars, and does not have anything to pay it back. Her husband, Joe, makes less than six figures a year, bringing in a whopping $79,000. He will never be able to pay back the debt that they have incurred.

Much of the money goes to jewelry for Teresa, who is often seen wearing gaudy rocks that she obviously can’t afford. They have lost their home, and have a wide variety of other liens, loans, and various other unpaid bills that have been weighing the couple down for quite some time.
All of their kids wore designer clothes on the reality television show, leaving some to question the values that they were instilling in theem. The bankruptcy papers are fairly straight forward and honest about the situation, saying only that they were living well beyond their means and now are too in debt to pay it all off. The couple claimed around $7,000 per month in income and also claimed that they receive up to $10,000 per month in assistance from family members.
Among their debt is 5.8 million for Joe’s business investments, nearly 6 figures in home repairs, and over six figures in credit card debt.

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