Ted Koppel Son Dies:Andrew Koppel Dead

Ted Koppel Son Dies:Andrew Koppel Dead – Andrew Koppel, the son of TV anchor Ted Koppel, reportedly has died after spending a day drinking in New York City. He was only 40 years old, and previous reports have stated that the young man has had a drinking problem for a number of years. Koppel had reportedly been out all night drinking with a friend. He was later found in his bedroom unconscious and no longer breathing. A resident of the apartment had reportedly attempted to talk with Koppel when he had arrived home, to no avail. He had been too intoxicated to form words, and they had laid him down in his bed to rest for the night.

“His complexion wasn’t right. It was pale. I said to call the police,” the individuals said after they found Koppel dead in his apartment later in the night. “When the ambulance came, they said he was dead.”
Koppel is an attorney for the New York City Housing Authority. While the cause of death has not yet been determined, sources have said that it is most likely related to the amount of alcohol that Koppel had ingested earlier in the evening. Koppel had been living with his girlfriend and their newborn daughter at the time of his death.
Russel Wimberly, the man who Koppel had been drinking with, had just met him that day. The two had met in a bar and had sat down and started drinking with each other. Koppel had previously been in a minor car crash while drinking in 1990, but no further incidents caused by drinking have been reported.

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