Taylor Lautner Bon Jovi On SNL:Saturday Night Live Season 35 Episode 9 S35E09

Taylor Lautner Bon Jovi On SNL:Saturday Night Live Season 35 Episode 9 S35E09 – “Saturday Night Live” /SNL was hosted last night by “Twilight: New Moon” actor Taylor Lautner with musical guest Bon Jovi.Here is a a brief presentation of the skits that took place.

-Opening : Press conference of known cheaters criticizing coverage of Tiger Woods – The skit was decent but thankfully the rest of the show was way better.
-Monologue : Taylor defends Taylor from Kanye saying: “I guess I could have done a little bit more” as he took off his jacket and did a back flip.Lautner continued saying: “Not so tough now are you Kanye West …you messed with the wrong Taylors” so we can shamelessly say it was hilarious.
– Football Player profile skit : The writers can do better.
– The girl who cannot keep a secret sketch : Although we have seen this a million times,Wiig had us rolling on the floor.
– PGA Tour Announcement : simply brilliant .
-Jingle Jangle Jam choir : One of the best skit of the evening where Lautner really shined on a techno and a rap beat using a Russian accent.
-PGA Tour : Once more very well done (the writers must be thrilled to have Tiger providing with so much good material.)
– Bon Jovi Performs : We are not certain the band wanted to be there last night.
– Weekend Update : Seth made us laugh from beginning to end.
– Team Jacob VS Team Edward : Another great skit where Taylor Lautner played Mariana, a fangirl with long, brown flowing locks who is firmly on Team Edward and declared : “If those abs are real then the dude who plays Jacob deserves an Oscar.”
– PGA Tour : Still very funny.
– Kenan sings at a Yogurt Store : A very entertaining sketch where Lautner played a shy teen which was very well done but we also loved Kenan Thompson’s musical piece.
-Bon Jovi performs : They sang and left.
Surprisingly Taylor did a very good job ,he proved that he has a lot of personality and is a fairly decent actor.
What are your thoughts on the episode?
That’s all we have for now on Saturday Night Live Season 35 Episode 9.

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