Swamp People History Channel Hits Big

Swamp People History Channel Hits Big – “Swamp People,” a new popular reality series is spotlighting a number of families who live within America’s largest swamp. It is an interesting mix of a culture and nature lesson. For 30 days, the network will be following around swampers during their annual alligator hunt. The network released a statement describing what they are attempting to do with their new series.

“It is a uniquely American story of a proud and skillful people fighting to maintain an ancient way of life in a rapidly modernizing world.”
The series debuted last night and received a good reception from fans and critics alike. They were able to kill a 13 foot “monster gator” on the program during a hunt in the cypress groves. Animal rights activists will likely have a problem with the show, but it goes to show how different certain areas of the United States are from one another. One of the hunters pointed out that a popular swimming hole in the area is just a few yards away from where they kill the alligator.

The show goes to show that living in that area can be very dangerous, and is a completely different way of life. Some of them almost never leave the swamp other than to work, and a vast majority of them work in the swamp in some way. It will be interesting to see how the rest of the show pans out, and whether or not the network decides to do a second season.

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