Survivor: Nicaragua Week 13: Not Sure Where I Stand S21E13

Survivor: Nicaragua Week 13/ Survivor: Nicaragua Season 21 Episode 13 called “Not Sure Where I Stand” aired last night on CBS.

After last week’s shocking episode where NaOnka and Kelly decided to leave to competition with only 11 little days left – in “Not Sure Where I Stand” we returned to a semi-normalcy in the jungle.

Here is what occurred in Wednesday’s installment:

The individual immunity which consisted of resolving a very difficult puzzle was won by Sash after Benry quit the fight and Fabio fell short and landed in the second spot.

As for the reward:

Sash was given an overnight stay in a tiki hut which he shared with Holly and Jane where they had the time of their lives feasting on delicacies.

As for the elimination process Ben “Benry” Henry, 24, of Los Angeles was kicked out by a vote of 4–2–1 and is now a member of the jury.

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