Survivor Nicaragua: Survivor Nicaragua Season 21

Survivor Nicaragua: Survivor Nicaragua Season 21 – Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains finally wrapped up on Sunday. This lead CBS to introduce the next chapter of the “Survivor” series. The 21st season of the popular reality show will be taking place in Nicaragua. Jeff Probst made the announcement during the reunion episode on Sunday. The show will take place in the largest South American country. While Survivor has previously visited South America, Nicaragua will also present some unique challenges for the survivors.

“It is a land of impenetrable terrain, smoking volcanoes and savage wildlife,” the narrator says. It is also the land which Chrisopher Colombus discovered and was almost captured by Spain. Unlike “Heroes vs. Villains” and other all-star editions, “Survivor: Nicaragua would star “a brand-new set of survivors.” Probst said in his announcement.

In January, CBS ordered two more seasons of the show, meaning that Survivor will be around through the end of their 22nd season, making them the longest running reality competition series. Many credit Survivor with expanding reality TV nearly a decade ago, when the first season of the show drew heavy coverage across a number of news networks.

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