Survivor: Nicaragua Episode 9: Running The Camp: Who Was Eliminated?

Survivor season 21 episode 9 /Survivor: Nicaragua episode 9 called “Running the Camp” aired last night CBS .
Another exiting episode of Survivor where the remaining 11 contestants were randomly split into two teams (minus Chase seeing that there were eleven people – but he was asked to pick the winning team – he picked the ladies and lost) and were asked to compete in the reward challenge which consisted of running through an obstacle course of a hay stack, and crawl through a net to collect three keys. The competition ended up being between the men versus the women – with the boys winning the challenge and getting a huge reward which consisted of an impressive barbecue feast and a private tour of the jungle.

As for the immunity challenge the starving castaways were happy to learn that it was not a physical challenge – instead they had to use their heads by having to memorize a series of symbols shown by Jeff.
Marty and Brenda were the last two contestants standing with Brenda getting the last answer correct and hearing the magical words – she was safe at the upcoming Tribal Council.
Tribal Council got really heated when Brenda and Sash started talking about their swing votes which lead NaOnka (who is still holding to her idol ) to slam Marty and Fabio and at some point she even gave them the finger.After all was said an done Marty was kicked out and became a member of the jury by a vote of 7–4.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Survivor season 21 episode 9.

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