Survivor: Nicaragua Episode 6: Worst Case Scenario S20E06

Survivor: Nicaragua Season 21 episode 6 called “Worst Case Scenario” aired last night on CBS. We had a very intriguing episode where instead of one we had two Immunity Challenges which meant that one person on each tribe would be able to win an Immunity and therefore be safe from being eliminated and two contestants would be going home.

The two castaways who won the challenges had to face-off in order to win a feast of chicken and beef kabobs that they could eat while listening to the other tribe’s Tribal Council (sort of like watching a good TV show). La Flor’s Jill and Espada’s Holly were declared the winners of Individual Immunity which meant that the two women had to compete in the Reward Challenge which was won by Jill .

During Tribal Council 1 we ended in a 3-3 tie vote for Brenda and Kelly B.So a second round of voting took place where Kelly was eliminated.

In Tribal Council 2 there was not much suspense this time around – the fat lady sang and Yve was eliminated.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Survivor: Nicaragua episode 6.

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