Survivor: Nicaragua – Episode 5 Turf Wars S21E05

Survivor: Nicaragua’ episode 5 called “Turf Wars” aired last night on CBS. The action on “Survivor: Nicaragua” has really picked up since Jimmy Johnson departed from the show. Other would-be leaders of the tribe felt that he was a threat and needed to be kicked off of the show so that someone else could assume the leadership role.

In this week’s episode,there was a fair amount of team switching and quitting that took place and as always, the drama was high.

Marty and Jane switched sides to even things out a little bit in the challenges,meanwhile, MaOnka and Benry are the two new additions to the opposing tribe.

As for the challenge- it consisted of having two members from one tribe would roll balls along a board with various pegs in order to win two chickens and one rooster- which was won by the Espada who barely knew one-other.

At Tribal Council,Tyrone was blindsided by the vote of 6–2 even thought he was seen as a clear leader of his tribe.
He said before leaving:
“My plan for the tribe as the leader was to stay as strong as we could.When La Flor came over, things turned from the tribe aspect. I’m not surprised – anything could happen. And anything happened.”

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Survivor: Nicaragua episode 5.

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