Survivor: Nicaragua Episode 4: Watch Pulling The Trigger Online S21E04

Survivor: Nicaragua Episode 4: Watch Pulling The Trigger Online S21E04 – Survivor:Nicaragua/Survivor Season 21 Episode called “Pulling the Trigger” aired last night on CBS.

It took longer than expected, but Jimmy Johnson is finally off of “Suvivor: Nicaragua.” He had come under fire for assuming the leadership position early during his time on the island. His ascent to leadership upset many in his tribe, and Johnson was seemingly on the chopping block for weeks leading up to his departure. The show likely wanted to keep Johnson around for as long as possible because he brought in the viewers.

Unfortunately, the Super Bowl winning coach was sent home last week.
It was an interesting decision. You would think that Dan would have gone first.

He has a set of bad knees and is barely even able to complete most of the challenges, while Johnson was in relatively good shape for his age. Apparently the older tribe decided that he would be more valuable to the team.
The younger camp is also experiencing a number of problems of their own, based on the preview. Naonka smashed some of the fruit that they won as a reward when she got into a wrestling match with Kelly, and the move could potentially put her on the chopping block. They both saw the immunity idol hidden in the basket, and were trying to secure it.
This week, both tribes will face some tests. The younger camp seems to be having most of the problems, but the older camp is not without problems of their own. Will they be able to make it through the loss of Johnson, who was arguably one of the stronger members of the tribe during the challenges?
The answer is no,the old team aka Espada lost the challenge where they had to:

One tribe member would act as a caller to guide three blindfolded pairs of tribemates to collect ten items scattered in a field and bring them to the tribe mat. Once all ten items were collected, one pair would have to be guided to collect a set of keys and then to a locked chest. The first tribe to unlock the chest and bring it to their tribe mat would win.

At council tribe Jimmy talked and talked about how he was a leader knowing that he lead his team to defeat-so the obvious happened-he sent home.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Survivor: Nicaragua episode 4.

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