Survivor Heroes VS Villains Episode 3:Randy Out That Girl Is Like A Virus S20E03


Survivor Heroes VS Villains Episode 3:Randy Out That Girl Is Like A Virus S20E03 – Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Episode 3: “That Girl is Like a Virus” aired this evening on CBS.The reward/Immunity Challenge consisted of the tribes facing off in a series of one-on-one sumo-style battles in a muddy pool using padded duffel bags to knock their adversaries out of a ring.With a man as big as James,you were certain that his team would win,and they did.The very dirty challenge got the Heroes an 8 to 0 victory that provided the team with the Tribal Immunity plus coffee, sugar, rice for one week, and a luxury item for each castaway.Here is a brief presentation of the episode.

The men of the Heroes tribe bonded over recapturing two chickens that had escaped. Coach and Rob warned Russell about his alliance with Parvati, but he decided to show Coach and Rob who was in control by hiding the tribe’s machete. J.T. planted some distrust in the Candice and Cirie alliance by telling Cirie a story that Candice said that she didn’t trust Cirie. At the combined Reward and Immunity Challenge, the Heroes dominated over the Villians by winning every bout. Discussions over who to vote out focused on Parvati for being the biggest threat versus Randy for being the weakest of the tribe.

At Tribal Council with a vote of 9-1 the tribe kicked out Randy who was very pissed and did not even say good-bye.Next week on Survivor,Coach has a melt down and starts crying because everybody hates him.Also the Heroes who are working as a group go crazy while looking for the Idol.And things get very interesting when Boston Rob starts getting suspicious of Russell and starts making moves to get rid of him.What are your thoughts on the episode?
That’s all we have for now on Survivor season 20 episode 3.

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