Survivor: China Winner?

Survivor: China

The finale of “Survivor: China” will take place on Sunday night,on a screen summed up nicely the odds of winning of each candidates:

Amanda Kimmel – 3/1

Amanda will win the final jury vote if she makes it into the final two. I wholeheartedly believe that. You could make a case that Denise could pull of an upset versus Amanda, but I have to believe that the jury is going to respect Amanda’s game play and overall pleasant demeanor. The problem for Amanda is just getting to the final two. She’s probably the best challenge player left, and if she can win that first immunity challenge, she’ll be sitting pretty.

Todd Herzog – 5/1

Despite what everyone says about Todd (that he’s a back stabber, that he’s pissed a lot of people off), I still see him beating Denise and Courtney in a final vote. He’s just been too much of a mastermind in the game, basically running things since the merge. Remember, Richard Hatch wasn’t well-liked, but the jury got over it and, in the end, had to tip their collective hats to his game play. I think the same is likely to happen to Todd, unless he makes it to the final two with Amanda. But that won’t happen, because neither Todd or Amanda is dumb enough to take the other to the finals.

Denise Martin – 8/1

Denise hasn’t made any plays over the course of the season, and has floated along thanks to her Fei Long alliance. She hasn’t been considered a threat, and there’s no way the jury can look past her lack of game playing. However, if she can finagle a way to take Courtney to the final two, Denise could win. Courtney has been just as worthless, but isn’t as well-liked.

Courtney Yates – 15/1

Her only chance is to pull off some mastermind plays in the final episode, take Denise to the final vote and then give a bang-up series of speeches to the jury. Other than that, Courtney has no chance.

Here at,we believe Amanda Kimmel should win ,because she is the only remaining contestant that truly showed physical and tactical skills.She is kind of hot too.

Update: Todd Herzog won.

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