Supernatural Season 5 Episode 1:Sympathy For The Devil

Supernatural Season 5 Episode 1:Sympathy For The Devil

Supernatural Season 5 episode 1 called “Sympathy for the Devil” will premiere on September 10, 2009 on The CW.Supernatural creator Eric Kripke sat down with TV Guide to give few major scoops about season five of the hit show.Warning Supernatural Season 5 spoilers ahead.
The first episode is called “Sympathy for the Devil.” Is that a hint?

One of our goals is to depict Lucifer [played by Mark Pellegrino, aka Jacob on Lost] in a way that’s rarely seen on television. We want Lucifer to be the most sympathetic character this season. He’s this wounded angel who feels very betrayed by God and his fellow angels. We’re writing him with a vulnerability and almost a tenderness. This is totally like douche baggy, but we’re looking at “Paradise Lost” a lot. That idea of the very human devil that has moments of doubt and moments of really human emotion. It’s an opportunity to see a really interesting Lucifer.

Let’s talk about Season 5. Should I assume that the showdown between the angels and Lucifer and his demon minions—with Sam and Dean caught in the middle—is your through line this season?

Part of that is ongoing mythology, so I don’t want to give too much of that away, but yeah, it’s basically that the angels and Lucifer and the demons are just beginning the long foretold Apocalypse from the Book of Revelations. It’s the war that everyone’s been waiting for for thousands of years. Humanity is unfortunately caught in the middle. Our heroes object to that. Their response is “You want to fight a war? Pick another planet. This one’s ours and get the hell off it.”

What’s the time frame?

We pick up from the finale, where we left off with the boys in the chapel with the portal to Lucifer’s cage opening and Lucifer rising. We show the next few subsequent seconds after that and then continue the story from there.

So they escape and…

No, they both die and we continue the series with James Van Der Beek.

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