Supernanny Super-Manny Special The Griswold Family

Supernanny Super-Manny Special The Griswold Family

Supernanny Super-Manny Special The Griswold Family – Supernanny: Super-Manny Special: The Griswold Family was broadcast Friday night on ABC.In the episode the world’s first Super-Manny aka Mike Ruggles goes to Colorado and attempts to help Roberta, who has given up on trying to control her four kids,her husband Allan is short-tempered and their daughter Brianna is a heavy drinker.Here is a recap of the episode.

Meet the Griswold Family which is composed of 4 kids and two adults who have had enough.Allan: This working dad gets angry very fast and solves everything by yelling and by threatening the culprit.Roberta:This stay-at-home-mom who sees herself as a failure no longer has control of the house that she calls “hellhole”.Joe : he is only 7 years old but he has some major anger management issues,he yells, hits, curses and flips the bird regularly and has a habit of kicking and punching his older sister, Lauren, 11.

By the way he destroys things and writes the F-word on the freezer.Brianna:she is 16 and has been hospitalized for alcohol poisoning.Alex: He is 2 and has to live with this wild and out of control family.After analyzing the situation/war zone Ruggles,uses role-playing techniques to get Joe to talk about his father dad’s rages and to make Roberta open up about the effect of her negativity on the family and her marriage.Eventually Ruggles educates the entire family on how to improve their lives and even stages an intervention for Brianna to understand the consequences of alcohol abuse by visiting car accidents victims that were hit by drunk drivers.What are your thoughts on the episode?
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