Super Adventure Club Returns

Super Adventure Club – During season 10 of the Comedy Central hit South Park, the Super Adventure Club was featured on the show as a special organization. The name of the episode that featured the Super Adventure Club was “The Return of Chef.” The actual story that the Super Adventure Club brought about in South Park was very detailed and disturbing to most viewers. If you watch the show consistently then you probably understand that being disturbing is just part of the game. However, the Super Adventure Club was beyond what a normal episode entails.

Season 9 featured a season finale that left viewers confused when Chef, one of the show’s most popular characters left South Park in order to search for the overall meaning of life. Chef’s tactics for finding the meaning of life involved interacting with the Super Adventure Club. Later, Chef returned back to South Park but no one was really sure what caused him to return. Within a short few minutes it became evident that something was out of the ordinary with his return. Chef received a welcome back party at Jimbo’s house and he was definitely not his usual character.

Cartman asked the crew if “Chef seemed a little trippy” which he indeed did. Further into the episode some dark sides of Chef began to be revealed when he was at school looking at boys and said “Let’s make sweet love children.”

The boys of South Park became curious and decided to visit the Super Adventure Club. What they found was a man called William P. who reportedly grew tired of visiting the world just to find that everywhere had already been found. He decided to have sex with children in every place that he visited. The Super Adventure Club lived on by having sex with children all across the world.

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