Steve-O Arrested

It looks like a case of “life imitating art” as “Jackass” star Steve O got himself arrested while in Canada on an outstanding warrant for assault with a weapon.

What’s even more jackass is that the incident occurred eight years ago, according to TMZ.

Steve O was detained by customs after he had departed from an airplane at the Calgary International Airport. The officials quickly learned that there was an outstanding warrant for the star of the series of dangerous and absurd stunt movies.

TMZ says they were informed that the warrant had been issued back in 2003 for the incident where Steve O allegedly attacked someone with an unknown object.

After the arrest, Steve O was tossed into the slammer for a short period and then he appeared before a judge. He was then released on $10,000 Canadian or $10,216 US bail which it’s reported he had to pay in cash.

Steve O is due to appear in court in May of this year.

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