Steve Carell Leaving The Office?

Steve Carell Leaving The Office? – Perhaps this is just a strategy to properly negotiate contracts but during an interview with BBC,actor Steve Carell disclosed that he is making plans to leave his extremely popular series, “The Office.” NBC hasn’t commented on the situation as of yet but surely with a promising series like “The Office” losing Steve Carell would be incredibly detrimental to the network. Carell plays a rather clueless and non-caring boss on the series where he runs an office of similar characters. Steve Carell is partly the entire reason that people love “The Office” so much and without him the series would certainly come to an end. Ricky Gervais’ British comedy started out in 2005 under the same name but when the series was bringing in really low numbers of viewers, Steve Carell and his team stepped in mid-season and took over the show.

Steve Carell grew up in Concord and he’s been in many more movies than usual lately. His recent production, “Date Night” where he stared with Tina Fey is out in theaters at this very moment. However, any discussion about him leaving the show immediately might not be entirely true because he has a signed contract with “The Office” that runs for one more season. Carell was asked whether he has plans to continue the show beyond that contract though and he responded with “I don’t think so. I think that will probably be my last year.” BBC has provided clips to the interview which are scattered all over the internet. It’s sad to hear that Carell would want to end a show which has been so successful.

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