Stephen Burke Replaces Jeff Zucker At NBC

Stephen Burke Replaces Jeff Zucker At NBC – Jeff Zucker’s story is one that should be inspiring to anyone who is trying to make their way up through the ranks of a giant corporation. He had started out in the bottom ranks of the company to rise all the way to the position of chief executive officer. Unfortunately, his story will not end in typical Hollywood fashion, as Zucker announced earlier this week that he would be leaving the company. He has done well in increasing the ratings of shows that do not air during the prime time block, but has not been able to move the company in the right direction during the prime time block.

When Comcast acquired NBC, it became clear that they were looking to head in a different direction. During his announcement he said that he wasn’t leaving on his own accord, hinting toward Comcast asking him to leave his position.

Now, Comcast has announced his successor in Stephen Burke. He has a lot of experience in the industry, and it will now be up to him to do what Burke couldn’t; raise ratings for their prime time lineup. The network has struggled in recent years, and has been criticized for pulling shows off of the air before they have a chance to build a real following. His addition to the team will be supplemented by a number of other managerial changes throughout NBC made by Comcast.

“Steve Burke is an experienced, talented and visionary leader with over 25 years in the media and entertainment industry,” Comcast CEO Brian Roberts said, speaking highly of their latest addition.

It will be interesting to see if he is able to turn things around. NBC had a terrible opening to their television season this year as well, and most of their new shows have launched disappointingly.

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