Stargate Universe Episode 11:SGU Spoilers

stargate universe episode 11 pictures

Stargate Universe Episode 11:SGU Spoilers – Stargate Universe Episode 11 called “Space” written by Joseph Mallozzi and directed by Andy Mikita will air in April 2010 on Syfy.Expect both a continuation of the Nicholas Rush drama (meaning the effects his actions will have on the team) and of course new adventures as the Destiny travels through the universe.Here is what Ming-Na aka Camile had to say about the upcoming episode:

I think what the audience will get out of it is the usual great, action-packed episode, but one with a lot of cliffhangers that’ll keep you wondering what happens next, and it won’t be until April (2010) that you’ll start to get some of the answers. Luckily for Syfy, we’ll be repeated quite a lot between now and then, so the fans can see things again or see them for the first time if they missed episodes, and then we’ll be back with more. So hopefully it won’t seem that long that we’re gone.

That’s all we have for now on Stargate Universe Episode 11.

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