Stan Lee New MTV Comic Series

Stan Lee New MTV Comic Series – MTV is aiming at a different audience to it’s usual ‘cool kids’ crowd by releasing the ‘MTV Geek’ website, which will focus on comic books, horror and sci-fi flicks, and other matters of the nerd world.
Stan Lee, the comic book legend has agreed to create a digital comic book for the new site, and is really excited about the prospect of working on a new medium for his beloved comic books.
Called ‘The Seekers’, Lee had this to say about the comic and the new medium.

“It involves superheroes, it involves a very high-concept plot, it’s a story such as you never have seen before, and it spans the centuries,” Lee said in a telephone interview from New York Comic Con, where he and MTV are set to announce the new series on Saturday.

“It’s thrilling because it’s a whole new discipline,” he said. “But it’s a funny thing: Whether it’s electronic, whether it’s digital, whether it’s on paper, whether it’s on a television screen, it’s the story that counts. You don’t let the fact that there’s a different area of exhibition change the fact that you need a great story filled with action and surprises and suspense.”

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