Sons Of Tucson Cast:Sons Of Tucson TV Show FOX Pilot

Sons of Tucson

Sons Of Tucson Cast:Sons Of Tucson TV Show FOX Pilot – Sons of Tucson which is the newest comedy about a family premiered on FOX this evening.The show starred Tyler Labine as Ron Snuffkin; Matthew Levy as Brandon Gunderson; Frank Dolce as Gary Gunderson; and Benjamin Stockham as Robby Gunderson.The plot of the show is fairly simple -three wealthy underage brothers bought themselves a fake dad named Ron Snuffkin (after their real father a millionaire who was running a ponzi scheme was taken to jail) so they can enroll in school. Here is the summary of the episode.

When the Gunderson boys – Brandon, Gary and Robby – hire Ron Snuffkin Rob Snuffkin (a homeless man works as a clerk in a sporting goods shop and owes creepy dudes money) to pretend to be their father after their real father goes to prison, they find out that there’s more to their “fake” dad than meets the eye. Ron has to enroll them in school, convince Robby’s teacher to keep him in her class, sweet-talk the principal, locate mint-condition toy soldiers at his grandmother’s house and avoid a thug who wants his money.

Overall it was a decent way to start the series thanks to Tyler Labine’s hilarious physical jokes that took over the entire episode.Despite being a fun and edgy show, Sons of Tucson lacks serious emotional depth and the characters seemed empty especially the three kids.We like Labine as much as the dude next door but we often have the impression that he is still in Reaper.What are your thoughts on the episode?
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