Sons Of Anarchy Season 3 Episode 7: Widening Gyre S03E07

Sons of Anarchy season 3 episode 7 called “Widening Gyre” which was directed by Billy Gierhart and written by Kurt Sutter & Regina Corrado aired this last night on FX.

The previous 6 episodes might be considered as a huge built up as to what will take place in Ireland next week.

Now back to “Widening Gyre” where few shocking revelations were made. The first bombshell is that John Teller was in Belfast and we were able to relive his story while learning more about his current situation.

Teller who realized that SAMCRO was no longer for him – moved to Belfast where he had a daughter with Maureen named Trinity – indeed Jax has a half sister but is unaware of that for the moment.

Meanwhile Jax is having problems of his own, not being able to cope with the separation from Tara – he gets involved with a porn actress, but too bad his she walks in on them and things got nasty.

“Gyre” ended with a bang, Gemma and Tara managed to set up an unsurprising and uninteresting jail-break from the hospital and she is on the run again.

Now the clan is on a plane on their way to Europe, not before breaking a million laws,starting another war and taking us on a very emotional trip.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Sons Of Anarchy season 3 episode 7.

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