Sons Of Anarchy Season 3 Episode 3: Watch Caregiver Online S03E03


Sons Of Anarchy Season 3 Episode 3: Watch Caregiver Online S03E03 – Sons of Anarchy season 3 episode 3 titled “Caregiver” aired last night on FX. ‘Caregiver’ was written by Chris Collins & Regina Corrado and directed by Billy Gierhart and had a very special guest: Stephen King.

King apparently learned a lot from this experience something rather exciting, it was not necessarily link to the writing.

No, what he liked was that the director has fulfilled his wish by giving him a villain role. While several other cameos in past series, King took on the role of the intellectual and even the mentally retarded.

King was even given a motorcycle during the shooting.

“The bike was just too great: a Harley-Davidson Road Glide bright red, a bit flashy for my taste,” said King, who has been riding since he was 22.

Stephen King’s cameo brought a lot to the episode, it added a very interesting degree of creepiness. King’s character Bachman was a delight to follow Tuesday night, especially in his last interaction with Tara. The intensity of that exchange was amazing. Let us get back to the other major components out of ‘Caregiver.’ Here is the summary of Sons of Anarchy season 3 episode 3:

To secure weapons and raise money for Abel’s search the club exploits its porn connections to entertain Henry Lin’s clients, Which doesn’t sit well with Opie. Jax’s decision to search for Abel in Canada gets derailed. When Gemma’s dad goes MIA, her prisoner makes plans to do the same.

What do we take from this episode: it is really fun having few bad guys and watch them evolved although the genre is not totally new in the TV universe.

Clay and Jax are still going after Abel, lacking resource in the middle of their chase, they are forced to do business with Linn: porn stars for cash and supplies.

Nate’s with his suicide attempt and exchange with his daughter we believed touched many fans last night.

But for us Gemma was once again the key element in the episode, since she will be following the guys although a lot of things changed for her since the gang rape.

Gemma was incredibly hard on Amelia. Gemma seems to be at a turning point, where she will just keep on sinking in darkness.

Overall the episode was very good and proved once more that nothing was certain in Sons of Anarchy.

What are your thoughts on the Caregiver?

That’s all we have for now on Sons Of Anarchy Season 3 Episode 3.

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