Sons Of Anarchy Season 3 Episode 11: Bainne S03E11

Sons of Anarchy season 3 episode 11 called “Bainne” which was directed by Phil Abraham and written by (Teleplay by:) Kurt Sutter and Jack LoGiudice and (Story by:) Brady Dahl & Cori Uchida aired last night on FX.
This series is mainly known for its action scenes like when the Neo-Nazis took on the Sons of Anarchy or the violent scene where Gemma was being rapped but this trip to Europe has provided the viewers with some of the most touching and emotional scenes that we have seen.

In this week’s episode, Jax just like his father John Teller was faced with the toughest decision of his life – and he unselfishly came to the conclusion that he did not want his kid to be raise in a dangerous environment full of dark/shady characters that will you make psychological broken for the rest of your life – so he leaves his son in Belfast with Mr. & Mrs. Petrie.

But Sons of Anarchy is a classical tragedy full of pain and revenge which would explain why the following scene takes place.
Jimmy O brutally kills the adopted parents and steals Abel to trade for safe passage out of Ireland.
Luckily for Jax Father Ashby trades himself for the safety of the baby who is reunited with his dad – which prompted him to say these loving words “never let anybody take [Abel] from [Jax] ever again.”

Overall it was a brilliant episode that started and ended with Jax in the midst of some life changing decisions.
At the end of the installment you do not have a clear answer as to whether or not if Jax will remove himself and his baby from all SAMCRO’s madness for a better and safer lifestyle.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Sons Of Anarchy season 3 episode 11.

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