Sofia Vergara Modern Family Emmy Win Promise

Sofia Vergara Modern Family Emmy Win Promise – An Emmy is a prestigious award, and it is much sort after. Sometimes, however, the lure of the accolade makes some people want to do silly things.

Such as Sofia Vergara, the rather sexy supporting actress of ‘Modern Family’ , who has come out and said she’s willing to get down into her birthday suit and go for a brisk streak if she wins an Emmy this year.

The show has 14 nominations this year, and is looking just as hot as Vergara to take home quite a few awards. Of these nominations, Vergara is up for the Best Supporting Actress gong.

If she wins, she promises she will walk down Sunset Boulevard naked, and her chances of winning are looking rather good as well.

Glee, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Nurse Jackie, The Office and 30 Rock are the other nominated to fight for for the Outstanding Comedy Series award.

ABC ran an ad in Variety Magazine, which was a ‘for your consideration’ ad, stating that is Modern Family wins the award, Vergara will walk naked down Sunset Boulevard.

Due to bad knees, she will not be running down the street, so if the shows wins, you may expect her to give a brisk walk to many cameras hoping for a happy snap of the very special moment.

On call if she is unavailable is co-star Ed O’Neil, who is more than ready to attempt to fill her shoes.

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