So You Think You Can Dance Season 7:2010 Top 10

So You Think You Can Dance

So You Think You Can Dance Season 7:2010 Top 10 – It is official So You Think You Can Dance season 7 is now underway. Last night we finally met the 10 new dancers who will be pairing with the 10 all-stars from seasons past.
But of course before the list was revealed we had to witness a little drama-Ida Saki who was a favorite of the judges deciding to quit moment after getting some harsh criticism which made Hulksmash Angrymad really piss.
Here are the 10 dancers that made it:

Christina Santana:She is the only ballroom dancer of the bunch and masters salsa.
Lauren Froderman:She a sexy cheerleader who looks like a stripper .
This contemporary dancer will forever be remembered for her shocking audition on “Let’s Get It On” and her final solo to “At Last.”
Ashley Galvan:Do not underestimate her at all.
Melinda Sullivan:She is a great tapper who can surprise many.
Alexie Agdeppa:This jazz professional fell short in 2009 so expect her to be fierce this year.
Jose Ruiz:He is the hip-hopper with no formal training who likes to boast a bit too much – wonder if he can put his money where his mouth is?
Alex Wong:We all remember the Miami ballet dancer who was not able to get out of his contract last year.
The kid is very talented – so let us hope he goes far.
Adéchiké Torbert:This contemporary, performer danced like there was no tomorrow- he should be interesting to follow.
Kent Boyd: This adorable small-town kids has the niceness and talent to win it all.
Contemporary dancer Billy Bell AND contemporary stylist Robert Roldan whom we know little about of have both made it to the top 10.

So who do you like so far? Who annoys the crap out of you? Who do you think will win this year? What are your thoughts on the new match ups?

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