So You Think You Can Dance 2010 : Top 9 Perform

So You Think You Can Dance 2010 : Top 9 Perform – This year’s “So you think you can dance” contestants have appeared to be very imbalanced. In fact, some of the dancers seem like just beginning amateurs while others are clearly dominating the competition. There were only three men and six women who danced during the introduction of the show but between them you could recognize the distinct differences in skill. Talking about imbalances, you might find the first same-sex dance couple to be happy addition to the show. Alex and Twitch stared together dancing their way on the stage. It’s nice to see that the networks openly accept this kind of behavior on screen. While it might be confusing to my five year old, it’s still a part of society that he will have to get used to. It was also a welcoming sight to find that their routine wasn’t quite so “scripted” and direct. Rather, it took an untypical approach where they truly flowed with the music. It’s like we’re seeing for the first time what “So You Think You Can Dance” can truly bring to the table.

However, I feel pretty bad for Pasha this week. He’s a great dancer with a lot of skill or at least, that’s how it seems when he has Anya as a dance partner. However, every one of his dances has landed him in the bottom three on the votes. It seems that America isn’t like his routines. Lauren or Ashley would be excellent partners for the style of dancing that Pasha has. He’s thinking that if he can get paired up with one of them he can break the devastating cycle he’s been stuck in.
I really can’t tell who’s going to get the boot next. With so many imbalances between the performers it’s hard to really judge who has what it takes and who doesn’t. The judges seem to be persuade toward who brings originality and creativity but can still hold down some promising dance routines

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